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What we do

  • Increase awareness of your personal power

  • Offer opportunity

  • Help you to choose

One-on-one mentoring

Our face to face sessions are built around conversation and not always about the obvious. The purpose is to discover those hidden beliefs that often appear as quick one-liners, jokes or sarcastic comments that very often you don't even hear yourself say!  My role is to guide the conversation and to listen.

You're given a workbook with a number of practical exercises that encourage you to focus on certain topics. 


Our workshops offer a limited number of places and are built around a series of exercises that are completed individually and then discussed as a group.  Additional perspectives and experiences enhance the discussion and highlight how the beliefs of others can be so different, even among a group of like-minded people.  All materials are provided at our workshops.


A couple of our programs are currently being designed for online access.



Believe in Your Business: how to generate growth by squeezing a lemon is the first program to be published in the Believe series making it convenient for you to work through the exercises and processes in your own time.  A downloadable workbook is available to accompany the book. Book available here.

Our Belief Programs

Believe in Your Self     

Believe in Your Business       

Believe in Your Heart      

Believe in Your Wealth

Believe in Your Parenting

Believe in Your Teenage Self

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