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Introductory Special

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Try a Belief Strategy 

session and see

yourself differently

 Experience Mentoring with a difference!

Our Introductory offer enables you to try a 90 min Belief Strategy session for just $99.

You can:

  • Unlock those negative beliefs

  • Manage any self-doubt 

  • See yourself differently

  • Remove a belief

If there's something you want to change in your business or personal life this session will give you strategies to propel you forward.

For Business

One session will reveal what's holding you back or blocking a goal.

One session can begin clearing the way between where you are now and where you wish to be.

One session will shine a light on what you really believe about yourself when it comes to work/business.

For Personal

One session will help you see the patterns you repeat which bring the same outcome.

One session will boost your confidence enough for you to move in a positive direction.

One session will show you exactly why things are as they are.

Don't wait for things to change

- make the change


If you love what you've experienced,

you can book a further 3 sessions

for just $120 each saving $360! 

only applies to new clients

Call now 0411 086 746


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