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For mandate-effected Businesses

Business REVIEW Workshop

1-day Workshop                                              Max 12 people                                                $65 per head                                                                      

2020 and 2021 saw people all over the world challenged like never before. 

One of the areas most impacted has been generating income.  For many of you this created an amazing opportunity to turn your passion into income.  Others took a huge risk and went 'out on your own' doing what you know but without the security of an employer. Some of you were forced to do a complete 360 pivot into a brand new arena! 

I have been a trainer and mentor of the New Enterprise Incentive Scheme (NEIS) Cert IV in Entrepreneurship and New Business for over 14 years alongside running this business. I have worked with 100s of start-up and established business owners over the years, I have personally experienced, and worked with people through their struggles, challenges, isolation, rejection, fear and the ‘unknown’.


I offer a broad range of business experience – planning / legals / marketing / day-to-day ops / finance / research etc. My point of difference is I bring inspiration and motivation to each of these areas.


While passion, drive and motivation are crucial factors when working for yourself or running a business, knowing where you are heading brings clarity to your journey and helps you create a healthy business.

What’s in it for YOU?
My intention is to create a safe/confidential space for you to take stock on ‘what just happened’!

  • You will meet a group of business owners with similar feelings towards ‘what’s just happened’?

  • You will be in a private and confidential environment, free to be honest and open about your business and challenges.

  • We give you comprehensive information related to mental health (for you or others you know)

  • The practical exercises shift you into an optimistic state

  • You’ll re-visit and clarify your target customers

  • Learn what's behind a successful promotion

  • Focus on the future of your business and leave the rest behind

  • You’ll see (using an exercise) what you really think of money!

  • And much, much more!

Time:                    10am – 4pm

Date:                     TBC
Venue:                  Frankston
Refreshments:     Tea / coffee / biscuits

                              Please bring your own lunch

                              and water

The BELIEVE in your BUSINESS Experience

1-day Experience

Limited spaces

$75 per head

This 1-day experience is a taste of our 12 session Believe in your Business Belief Strategy Program.

Building YOUR business around

YOU and YOUR lifestyle

This 'Taster Experience' will teach you to become aware of your BELIEFS and show you a simple but effective way of 'removing' them - giving you the opportunity to design your business around YOU

What you believe is at the core of EVERY decision you make and EVERY doubt you have.


What this experience will highlight is:


  • Your top Signature Strengths

  • What you really believe about money

  • The business image you portray

  • Habits that are impacting your business

  • Ways to manage or 'remove' unwanted beliefs

  • And more!

Time:                    10am – 4pm

Date:                    TBC
Venue:                  Teal Gallery, Frankston
Refreshments:     Tea / coffee / biscuits

                              Please bring your own

                              lunch and water bottle.

                              (cafe next door)

For more information about our 12 session Believe in your Business program go here.

Business REVIEW



Time:    10am - 3pm

Date:    TBC


Workbooks will be emailed to you prior

Read above Workshop information for details.

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