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Believe in Yourself

Because being YOU is so much easier than being someone else

Knowing who you are gives you choices

Who are YOU?

I was asked to write down the answer to this question many years ago, the guide lines included do not list the roles you have in life, ie daughter, sister, work colleague etc, what did that leave? Have you ever thought who you really are?

In our busy lives we rarely give ourselves the time to stop and reflect; to gauge how we are feeling; to make sure we incorporate creativity and laughter into our day. Our priorities seem to be decided by society, with social media highlighting everyone's 'perfect life', adding pressure to how you should be living your life.


Believe in Yourself is the opportunity for you to create some time for YOU and have a conversation about you, your life and the world you live in.  In doing this your true beliefs reveal themselves - often as one-liners, jokes, back-handed comments, sarcasm or humour.


Once you know what you believe, you gain clarity around why things are as they are, and if you choose to, you can 'remove' that belief from your sub-conscious mind allowing yourself to make different choices and change things.


You can find out more about beliefs and their impact here.


Believe in Yourself is built around a series of topics using the acronym S.E.L.F.I.E

Story - what's yours?

Emotions - feeling your way

Language - what you say to yourself

Fitting-in - or belonging?

Intention - it's good to know where you are heading

Expectation - the sole cause of disappointment

Face to Face (or Zoom) sessions

Our program involves having conversations around, but not limited to, the topics outlined above.  These conversations reveal your true essence that lies within - and it's not always what you think it's going to be! My role is to ask the right questions, lead the conversation and listen to you.  Beliefs are often hidden in humour, sarcasm or quick throw-away lines THEY are what lie between you and knowing yourself.

When your hidden beliefs have been identified, I will take you through a unique process to 'remove' those beliefs from your subconscious mind enabling you to make new choices.

I offer a 20 min obligation free phone call for us both to see if we feel this work would help you. 

Our sessions run between 90-120 mins each week for 12 weeks.

All sessions can be face-to-face or on Zoom.

​Call   0411 086 746 or  email

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