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An introduction to our 12-session program

Believe in Your Heart taster workshop

Join me for a glass of wine, or cup of tea and lets discuss matters of the heart!

We will explore what you really believe about love, romance and commitment!  Discover the beliefs behind your relationship status and see why things are as they are!  With some simple exercises and processes you will discover a few hidden gems - that you can remove!


This is a taster of our full 12-session Believe in Your Heart program which you can see here.

                      Single   *   Married    *   Committed   *   Curious   *   Dating    *   All Welcome   


At our evening workshop we will look at:

  •      What do you want your partner to bring to the relationship?

  •      What's your 'deal breaker'?

  •      Do you love you?

  •      Why you always pick the same type?

Date & Time:   TBC

Venue:              TBC


  • workbook and materials included

  • parking available

  • tea & coffee or glass of red or white wine included

Any questions Email me here.

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