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Believe in Your Wealth

You will only attract what you believe you are worth


How's your self-worth?

Believe in Your Wealth focuses on what stands between you and the lifestyle you desire.  You will discover what you believe you are worth and see how that is impacting all areas of your life.  This program is not just about money, we look at your friendships, relationships, your health, your work situation, all of which reflect back your own self-worth.

This program cannot guarantee you will become a millionaire (if that's what you desire), it will however bring clarity to why your current situation is as it is.

It will help you discover:


  • the perception you have of others with money

  • how much (or little) you value yourself

  • the 'issues' you have with money (everyone has them!)

  • what you were taught to think about money and wealth

and much, much more.

It's a little challenging but SO worth it!

Believe in Your Wealth is a 12 session program built around a series of topics using the acronym D.O.L.L.A.R

Dreams - what do yours look like?

Opportunity - how you perceive risk!

Luxury - bling, or the air that you breathe?

Letting go - to let in the new

Approval - are you still searching for it?

Receiving - not everyone knows how.


This program involves having conversations and doing a few simple exercises.  The mix of activities reveal your true essence that lies within - and it's not always what you think it's going to be! My role is to ask the right questions, lead the conversation and listen to you.  Beliefs are often hidden in humour, sarcasm or quick throw-away lines THEY are what lie between you and living the lifestyle you desire.

To book a session email me or call me on 0411 086 746

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