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Your Wealth

Wealth:  an abundance or 

profusion of anything; plentiful amount:

What is wealth?


Wealth is an abundant amount of anything!  Friends, Knowledge, Health, Happiness - and yes MONEY! 


If you are feeling there is an area in your life that is 'lacking', the block creating that lack will be impacting all areas of your life.  Remove the 'lack' block and everything will flow!

Your beliefs around 'lack' are also reflective of your level of self worth and self love.  This can be a challenging area to face.  Not having what you want does not mean you are not good enough, it often means at some point in your life you were lead to believe you were not good enough or that you didn't deserve to have certain things - once you identify these as beliefs, they can be cleared and you can receive whatever you desire.

I can take you through some simple exercises that will SHOW YOU how your beliefs around Wealth are out of alignment with what you are wanting.

Believe in your Wealth Mentoring Sessions

Each session is 90 minutes and can include setting actions to be met by the following session, depending on your situation.

I offer a FREE 20 minute no obligation phone conversation prior to us committing to working together, this gives me the opportunity to make sure I can assist you, and gives you the opportunity to see if I am the right mentor for you.

I suggest a 4 session block over a 2 month period, this allows time for strategies to be implemented and changes to occur, of course this is negotiable.  

One off sessions are also available.


2 Months (4 Sessions)

4 x 90 min sessions every 2 weeks

$780 paid up front or $220 each


4 Months (8 Sessions)

8 x 90 min sessions meeting every 2 weeks

$1560 paid up front or $220 each

Casual 90 min Sessions

$220.00 each

All sessions can be face-to-face, on Skype or on the Phone

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