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ASEA - a breakthrough in cell signalling 

Renu 28 a Topical Gel                                  Skin Care Kit - Cleanser,                                           Drink

                                                                            Moisturiser  & Serum                     ONLY available for Personal usage

Why I use ASEA Product

I first heard about these products about 2 years ago and as I had about 100 other things going on I didn't really 'hear' what it was and what it could do.


Then about 18 months later it caught my attention and I had a look at a couple of websites and decided if I was going to recommend a product I needed to know that it worked!


I decided to purchase 3 months worth of the Renu 28 Gel and started using it. 


I put it on my face/neck morning and evening partly because I didn't think I had any 'ailments' or 'illnesses' that it could assist and partly because it is said to have anti-aging benefits.


5 months later, forget the wrinkles! I realise I DID have ailments that it could assist with - and it has!


My period has gone from a very heavy 7 day cycle to a 3-4 day very very light cycle and I have had 3 consecutive periods like that!!! More details including Iron levels outlined in the Case Studies section.

I also have stopped getting up in the night to go to the loo - which may not be an ailment or illness - but I never used to!

My skin definitely feels and looks healthier, not sure about younger!  And I feel great!

That was enough evidence for me!

Take a Look for Yourself

The following links are short and easy to digest, if you want more info explore the websites listed below.

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