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S = Start. My 5 Reasons NOT to Start Blogging!

Updated: May 15, 2019

My intention for this Blog is to introduce you to your hidden Beliefs!

When you become aware of what you believe about yourself and the world you live in, you can begin to consciously choose the next chapter of your life. I take different characteristics, habits or behaviours and help you to unpack them to discover why you do what you do.

We Believe the hardest part is Starting!

I often use ACRONYMS when structuring the content of my mentoring session packages, workshops and books. I’m offering to take you on a random journey of discovery using letters to decide where we go.

S = Start

Is this really the hardest part of anything – starting?

So many people say to me I know what I want to do I just can’t start. If you think about it logically, starting is not really the hardest part, maintaining the momentum, doing the work, making the connections and finishing what you set out to do is harder, but as a species we tend to naturally make things hard for ourselves.

The first step into anything can appear much worse than it actually is, usually because it’s a step into unfamiliar territory, we feel much more confident when we know where we are going.

When the thought of starting something feels challenging to me I know that if I do it I will learn something new. My greatest Start Challenge has been Starting a Blog! For two years I have thought about it, had some brilliant ideas for titles, photos, stories etc but have never had the courage to start - there, I’ve said it! (And now I've started.)

So why haven’t I ever started before now? I’ll list a few of the excuses I used to stop myself from starting and see if I can find an obvious underlying belief – I promise I’m doing this ‘live’ as I write, I haven’t prepared anything – so let’s see what happens:

1. I can’t write – wow, easy, I didn’t pass my English exam in school!

2. What if People don’t like what I write – this comes from letting go of caring about what others think. I have done lots of work on this over the years so I know this doesn’t faze me anymore.

3. Will I have enough to write about? – Who knows and who cares? Perfectionism and worrying about the future content instead of focusing on the here and now! Worry, and fear of not being good enough seem to have haunted me my whole life despite my ‘confident’ appearance. Again, as I’ve got older I’m able to give this some healthy perspective and see that I can only do my best. It’s about enjoying what I do now.

4. Who wants to read about Beliefs? – Me! This is approval based. Believing I need someone to approve of my idea, confirm it’s a good idea and then give me permission to go ahead. Similar to above, this has been omnipresent for as long as I can remember but what I have learnt is the only approval and permission I need is my own!

5. Will anyone Read it? – Ha, who knows. Learning to trust that the idea I have is going to be of interest to at least one other person and if it’s not, so what, I get to write about stuff I love!

Ideally we all want to know that whatever we start will work out OK, when realistically even when we have convinced ourselves its all good, life will find a way of throwing something in the mix that brings the lesson to help us grow – that’s why we start new things, to learn, challenge ourselves, grow and move forward.

There, I've started!

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