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It takes 66 days to

create a new Habit!  Download our check list and get started TODAY

66 Day Challenge

If there's something in your life you want to change start by changing something small - eat a piece of fruit instead of a biscuit at morning tea; learn something new every day; do an extra 30 mins at the gym.  It really doesn't matter what you choose, the challenge is in your ability to 'feel uncomfortable'.  

Your will-power is what makes or breaks this challenge - not the extra 30 minutes at the gym!  Your will-power is like a muscle, once you begin to use it, it gets stronger.  The stronger it gets the easier it becomes to make changes.  

Most people don't like to feel uncomfortable which is why the majority stay safely in their Comfort Zone.  As soon as you try to change something in your regular routine, the discomfort appears and at that point it's your choice to use your will-power to get through the change, or decide it's too hard and leave things as they are!

If you begin to use your will-power regularly and get used to feeling uncomfortable the bigger changes you wish to make will feel easier!

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