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Hi, I'm Gaynor

I have been self employed for over 30 years and had the privilege to work for, alongside and with some amazing people. I began my career in PR and Marketing; this lead to Consulting and Business Planning, shortly after, I began Business Mentoring; this was when I saw first hand the extent of self-doubt and lack of belief people had in their ability to perform at their best.

My interest, passion and inquiry lies in the question 'what makes people tick?' Why are our lives so similar yet so different and why do we believe different truths? After a light-bulb moment eight years ago, I began to delve into the belief system - and haven't looked back.

I call myself a Belief Strategist and Mentor. This is what I love. I have made this my work.

This work is for you if you wish to change something in your life - grow your business, lose some weight, change your relationship status, make a career or sea change. My part in this process is to help you identify the belief(s) you hol
d (often unknowingly) and for you to recognise how they are impacting your choices.

Once you are aware of your beliefs I work with you to remove them - not override them - giving you the opportunity to consciously choose the next chapter of your life.

This work helps the BRAVE become BRAVER.

I offer a
2-hour introductory session for you to experience first hand how this can change your behaviour moving forward.

Feel free to
message me / call me for a chat 0411 086 746 - I love this subject!

I was also a New Enterprise Incentive Scheme (NEIS) Trainer and Mentor from 2007-2021, and I am a part-time NDIS Support Worker and Mentor.

In my spare time you'll find me renovating old caravans or in my shed upholstering old furniture or walking my dog on the many beaches on the beautiful Mornington Peninsula in Victoria, Australia.


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Our Intentions

Our Why

Is to keep democracy relevant

Our Values

We look at things differently

We celebrate life

We embrace change

We welcome growth

We acknowledge differences

We foster self worth

We challenge ourselves

We work together

Our Guiding Principles

To choose our beliefs

To increase the awareness of personal power

To offer opportunity

To Support

Our Vision

Is to create a self-healed community by offering a range of tools, training and services to support growth and change in individuals and business owners globally.

It's only a belief that stands between what you want to achieve and what you can achieve - let's remove it!

Your Journey with me 


Your belief system acts as the blue print for every decision you make and every action you take so unless you know what you believe, you are operating in a restricted environment. 

My role is to encourage you, using simple exercises and processes, to uncover and identify what you really believe about yourself, your life and the world you live in.


The more you are aware of who you are, the more your perception of the world around you changes.  


If there is something in your life you would like to change - your weight, your job, your relationship status, where you live, anything - this work will help you make that change by firstly discovering what you currently believe about the situation.

Once you become aware of your beliefs, I will show you a unique way to remove them from your mind - not bury them with positive affirmations, actually remove the emotional beliefs.  The great thing about this process is if you wish you hadn't removed the belief you just start thinking it again and it returns!


Will this help YOU?

If you WANT something to change and you're willing to do some work, then yes, this will help you - if you are looking for somebody else to change it for you, then no, this isn't for you.


I offer both Business and Personal Mentoring.


If you are a Business Owner, Entrepreneur, Influencer or Team Leader who wants to change something connected to your work situation, this is ideal for you.


If the area you want to change is more personal like losing weight or changing your relationship situation, moving home or just feeling better about yourself, I can help you realise why your life is like it is and create the choice for you to change it.

I work with males and females across a wide age range.  IIf you are curious I encourage a 20 min no obligation phone call for us both to see if we can work together. 

0411 086 746 or email me.

Discovering what you believe is the beginning of your choice to make change.

View our packages.

Our aim is to inspire you

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Supporting you on your Journey through change

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