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Bite-size topics include:


  • Introduction to Marketing

  • Know Your Customers

  • 100+ Promotional ideas

  • Public Relations

  • Basic Finances

  • You and Your Business Image

  • Social Media

  • Research 

  • The Art of Networking

  • Putting Copy together

  • Your Market / Expo stall

  • Legal Bits'n'Pieces


See below for brief description of each workshop



September Workshops



100+ Promotional ideas


Yes, you will be given over 100 promotional ideas to take away and implement.  The workshop will include discussing the promotions that have worked for you in the past and the one’s that failed.  Knowing why is a good step in the right direction towards putting a more successful campaign together.



DATE:      Friday 9 Oct 10am-12.30pm 

VENUE:   Bentons Square Community Centre


COST:       $60




You and Your Business Image


Very often the business owner of a small business IS the business!  So what ‘impression’ are you giving? 

Does your business name and logo reflect your price point? 

Does the car you drive reflect what you do? 

Is your website up-to-date?


In the early stages of growing a business there are so many things to do that we could be sending out mixed messages when it comes to our 'image'.  Spending time focussing on the impression you are giving could give you and your business a boost!


DATE:     Thurs 22 Oct 10am - 12.30pm 

VENUE:  Patterson Lakes Community Centre

COST:      $60


Public Relations


Also known as ‘free advertising’.  This hands-on workshop is suitable for any business owner wanting to learn more about the PR basics.  You will create a PR story; write a press release and arrange a photo shoot!


DATE: tbc



Basic Finance


This workshop takes you through the basics of how to manage the day-to-day finances of the business.  We look at expenses, both personal and business, the cost to get your product ‘market ready’ and profit margins.  This workshop is fun!  Lots of business owners struggle with finances when really, knowing what you’re spending and making, will empower you.  Take away an easy to use spreadsheet to get you started – and impress your Bookkeeper!


DATE: tbc






If you knew then what you know now, would you have done things differently?  

Let's look at research so that you can move forward with confidence! 


DATE: tbc


The Art of Networking


This hands-on workshop is suitable for all business types and the content adaptable to any networking situation.  Some basic preparation before attending a Networking event can make a huge difference to the outcome!  We look at ‘Perfecting your Verbal Branding’ and ‘Knowing who you want to meet’ plus  one of the most important aspects of Networking ‘What do I do now I’m here?’  


DATE: tbc


Putting Copy together


What type of information is needed for a website or a brochure?  What should go on a business card or in a print advertisement?   We discuss what works and what misses the mark.  This is not a copy-writing workshop, it's about content.


DATE: tbc



Your Market / Expo Stall


Are you getting the most from your stall?  Whether you are at an Expo or a Market, there are ways of getting passing traffic to come to your stall – regardless of what you are selling!  Create some interactive opportunities for your captured audience.


DATE: tbc



Legal Bits'n'Pieces


Setting up a business can become a minefield of legal requirements.  
Which structure to choose, registering a business name, obtaining an ABN, knowing what permits and licenses are required.  Which local, state and federal laws apply to your business? Why insurances are necessary.  Come and find out!


DATE: tbc


Social Media for Business  

- - - - rescheduled date - - - -


The Social Media for Business workshop provides participants with direction and insight
into how to use social media for marketing and promotion.

Social media is a unique communication channel that challenges businesses to use it in a unique way!

Customising your marketing for social media is not as daunting as it first seems. With concepts, toolsand tips from a social media professional, you will have the understanding and confidence
to post like a pro in no time!


We will cover 10 steps to social media success!!

1. Your purpose, goals and strategy
2. Choose your social media platform(s)
3. Professional profile set-up
4. Apply your new approach
5. What to say & how to say it!
6. Create eye catching posts
7. Post at optimum time & frequency
8. Use paid advertising to your advantage
9. Make daily posting easy
10. Adapt & adjust



DATE:     Wednesday 14th October

VENUE:  Patterson Lakes Community Centre

COST:      $60 

TIME:      6.30pm - 9.00pm

PRESENTER:  Lisa Solomon



Artists & Creatives - this one is for you! 

How to Attract More Customers


Do you know who your customers are? Do you know where to find them, how to communicate effectively with them and if they actually want what you are selling? 

Come and find out – it’s your opportunity to consolidate this integral area of your business even if it means ripping it up and starting again!

When you know your customers you will be able to attract them.


DATE:    Wed 7th October

VENUE: The Artful Collective Studio,

                 1/7 Thomson Terrace, Dromana

TIME:     6.30-8.30pm

COST:     $30    only 12 spaces available 


Marketing Made Easy


A full day spent looking at what marketing involves and how to develop it into a natural part of the day-to-day running of your business.


We ask the following questions:


  • Is there a demand for your product?

  • Are your competitors doing it better?

  • Who are your customers?

  • Where do you sit in the market place?

  • What's your profit margin?

  • How's your verbal branding?

  • Are you portraying the right image?

  • And many more.........


Knowing the answers will move your business forward.


DATE: tbc


Is (lack of) Money Holding Your Business Back? *
Date:        Thursday 19 November
Time:       6.30pm - 9.30pm
Venue:     Patterson Lakes Community Centre
Presented by:  Gaynor Lawton & Aymen Fares
Cost:        $89.00

This unique workshop - presented by two facilitators - offers a hands-on approach to the practical way of looking at your business finances together with your beliefs about money! 


It's an opportunity for you to make friends with numbers and understand why you are in business.

You will 'confront' your fear of numbers and see why money is such a touchy subject - not just for you for lots of people!


Understand how self esteem effects your bottom line and discover how to change your limiting beliefs and make more money


This workshop will empower you to shift your approach to money enabling you and your business to move forward in a dynamic way.


Ideal for small business, micro business, start ups, young business and those that want to go into business for themselves.



December Workshops


How to Attract More Customers *
Date:        Thursday 3rd December
Time:       6.30pm - 9.30pm
Venue:     Patterson Lakes Community Centre
Presented by:  Gaynor Lawton & Aymen Fares
Cost:        $89.00


Every business needs customers and there is an art to

attracting them!   Who are you currently attracting to your

business?   Do you want a different type of client or more

of the same?


Identify the simple mistakes you have been making that prevent the law of attraction bringing you more customers.  Change the limiting beliefs about yourself that prevent your customers finding you!


Before you start creating beautifully designed brochures and funny FB posts, you need to know who they are; why they want your product; where they are; what they respond to; how to communicate with them and when to contact them.

Now you can start getting creative and attracting them!


Ideal for small business, micro business, start ups, young business and those that want to go into business for themselves.


* This workshop is part of the Growing a Healthy Business Program 

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