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Group Dates, Times & Locations

Our Peer Progress Groups run in 3 monthly blocks (quarters) over four levels. 

We meet for 2 hours 6 times in that period.  

Once you have completed one level you can choose to continue through to the next.

Our Peer Progress Groups are currently being upgraded and will begin again in October 2017.    If you are interested, please contact me here

Our Happy Clients!

"PPG has changed my business from a ‘good idea’ where I was waiting for customers to call; to a diary filling with client bookings and new opportunities.   

It has given me motivation to take action in my business and not just think about doing things. It gave me focus and opened my eyes to possibilities and opportunities that I had been missing. And that’s just Level 1 & 2. I can’t wait to see what Level 3 & 4 do for my business!

Gaynor’s mentoring is awesome.  If you don’t want to do the homework or take any actions discussed, you don’t have to - no pressure.  But if you do…..I’m confident that like me, you will enjoy a growing, lucrative business with momentum, you’ll be proud to share. “

Robynne Mountford 

Your Interior Designer 


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