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"PPG has changed my business from a ‘good idea’ where I was waiting for customers to call; to a diary filling with client bookings and new opportunities"


Robynne Mountford

Your Interior Designer 


Peer Progress Groups                                   

We call our Mastermind groups Peer Progress Groups because that's how they work!  You work with your peers to progress yourself and your Business forward.

The groups of 4-6 business owners plus myself as the facilitator, run each quarter Jan-March / April-June / July-Sept / October -Dec (we can start a new quarter whenever we want to!)

We meet 6 times in that period (each fortnight, depending on length of month) you can join at the beginning of any quarter and you can progress through a 12 month cycle.

Who is this group for?

If you have a young business or you're just starting out, or want to re-focus your direction, this group is ideal for you.

Working alone can be isolating at times, this supportive group gives you the opportunity to work alongside other business owners who know exactly what you are going through. 

Why would I need to join?

If you feel you need a gentle 'nudge' or you're wanting some

constructive feedback or just some accountability buddies to

help you move yourself and your business forward this is for you.

We look at different areas of your business and yourself using exercises

- both practical and mindful - so you can see which areas to work on.  

We discuss, set goals, explore values and feelings, stand in our power


Below is an outline of the journey.  You can begin at any level and

choose to do as many quarters as you feel suits you!

First Quarter Level 1

We look at the current foundation of your business and explore your own desires for and from the business.  When you have clarity around this it is easier for you to run your business and attract what you require. During level 1 we do a lot of exploring to discover the little things about you and your business that could become the big things!  We cover Money, Values, Intentions, Purpose, Customers, Your Strengths and more! You may change the shape of your business or add a new product or service, this is just the beginning of your journey!

We finish this quarter with a clear action plan to continue on to level 2.

Second Quarter Level 2

Let the action begin!  Setting goals each fortnight helps us to develop discipline and sharing those goals and whether or not they were achieved brings accountability into the picture.  We also set an overall goal for the quarter.  This is where being accountable really kicks in, where learning takes place!  Where challenges appear - because you have opened yourself up to growing.  We keep goals, values and focus as top priorities to stay on track.  This level also includes a presentation pitch to a fictitious audience......

Third Quarter Level 3


What happens during this quarter becomes personalised to each

group member reflecting where their business is at - is it time for

a new product launch; to put that workshop online; bring in

support or finally start writing that book?  From a group perspective

we will continue to observe your valuestime management,

discipline, beliefs, financial growth; goal setting and actionsWe

also explore aligning your business with a cause or starting your own

foundation to support others, knowing that giving creates financial


Final Quarter Level 4

This quarter brings confidence to you, and bigger goals to your business!  We focus on Marketing you, your brand and your product(s) in a way that works for YOU and YOUR business.  Marketing that speaks to YOUR clients the way they hear it! As you reach this point you will realise how much you have achieved and how far you have come as a person over the previous 9 months.  As the driver of the business it is inevitable that who you are will reflect directly onto your business and will shape how it grows and how it is perceived.  

Criteria to join

All you need is:

A commitment to attend 6 fortnightly 2 hour meetings (one quarter)

Have some intentions/goals that you genuinely wish to achieve

Be open to ask for help

Be open to help others with their questions

Pay upfront for one Level - all 6 meetings ($510. $85 each)

The groups are available face-to-face, depending on location, or as an online webinar (to be announced).

Your investment is $85 per meeting paid in advance $510.

If you would like to know more, please call me on 0411 086 746 or email via the Contact button below.

If you prefer one-on-one Mentoring click here

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