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Marketing Management


If you don't have the time to action your Marketing Plan, we would be happy to do it for you.


The weekly up-keep of your Marketing can be time consuming, but it is essential that you don't lose momentum.  


People tend to stop Marketing when they get busy as they feel they don't want any more customers (at the moment), if you stop completely and then the busy time passes, you will find yourself with no customers and no current Marketing activities out there.


The key is to Market and promote your business constantly, if you are 'too busy' your customer might wait for you - as they know how good you are, or you could refer on to somebody else - some people struggle with this and feel they are losing a customer - you're not losing a customer that you are too busy to help! 


We offer our Marketing time in bundles.  We will advise you 1 hour before your hours are used up and you can decide whether to top-up or to take over.



Marketing Management is offered in hourly bundles: 


Hourly rate @ $90


Minimum of 6 hours @ $75            $450 paid up front

12 hours @ $60                                    $720 paid up front

18 hours @ $50                                    $900 paid up front


Terms & Conditions apply


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