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The Growing a Healthy Business Program

The Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual

approach to running your business


Facilitated by Gaynor Lawton and Aymen Fares



As a small business owner it can feel like there are hundreds of things you need to take care of and manage.  Many small business owners get to a certain point and then plateau, this can be for various reasons - lack of funds; fear of delegating to others; fear of taking risks; being the sole decision maker etc.


Why do this on your own?  We can help you

During the past 11 years I have seen this happen to many sole traders and partnerships.  Despite the talent or the quality and demand for the product, the decision to grow a business literally takes everything to another level - and often the business owner does not feel ready!


We have put together a program that addresses the Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual requirements needed to assist you in growing your business to whatever level you wish.  You may be happy with the size of your business and have no plans to grow any bigger, however with the Healthy Business approach you can still generate more sales and most importantly create sustainability.


How can we help?

What makes the Healthy Business approach unique is that the program is delivered by two people from totally different fields - Gaynor Lawton who has over 25 years' experience in Marketing, PR and Event Management and Aymen Fares who has spent the past 15 years as an International Intuitive Life Coach, Speaker and Author.  

Together they have an extensive business history, a  positive attitude to life and a desire to help people be the best they can be personally and as business owners.


What is the Healthy Business Program?

The program consists of three parts


  1. a series of 4 x 3-hour workshops (max 20 ppl)

  2. a 2-day intensive personalised workshop for FOUR people

  3. a 60 minute follow up with Aymen Fares and a 90 minute follow up with Gaynor Lawton


Part 1:  Our 4 Workshops



Each workshop is detailed here.


Part 2:  Our 2-day Intensive Workshop for 4 People only - April 2016


Held on a Saturday and Sunday the days will include:


  • More detailed information on the 4 workshop topics, tailored to your business

  • Creating a 12 month Business Plan 

  • Creating a 12 month Financial Plan

  • An amazing group Coaching Session

  • A Belief Changing Meditation

  • Creating a Vision Board for your Business

  • Copy of Aymen Fares Book - The Key to Life

  • Literally 'breaking through' your greatest 'block'


Part 3:  Follow up


3 weeks after the 2-day intensive workshop you will have a 60 minute coaching session with Aymen Fares and a 90 minute business mentoring session with Gaynor Lawton to ensure you have completed the work and goals you set out to achieve.


Dates for these sessions will be booked in at the time of the 2-day workshop.


Your Investment:


  • $89 per workshop or $299 for all 4 paid in advance 

  • $1500 2-day workshop $1200 if you book by end of February

  • FREE follow up Coaching and Mentoring sessions





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