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Believe in Your Wealth

No amount of money will change your scarcity beliefs - change your beliefs around scarcity - and the amount of money you have will change!

Cash Flow

If you have a 'block' towards the flow of money you will know about it! 


  You can never quite 'get ahead' 


   You get money (wages, gift) and within a very

        short time frame it's 'gone'. 


  Your savings only ever reach a certain amount

       before you 'need' to spend them...etc

There are many ways to clear these 'blocks' - which are only unhelpful beliefs. See Your Wealth for information on my one-on-one sessions.

Once you allow the money energy to flow LOTS of things change!

Diversify with Bitcoin

If you read any independent / self-help abundance or money books they all tell you to diversify your options ie, don't put all your eggs in one basket -  in case you drop it!

$    There are lots of ways to grow your money: 

$    Term Deposit Account with your bank. 

$    Property.

$    Company Shares. 

$    Purchasing Art or other valued items. 


However most of these require an initial outlay and time to grow.

I was recently given an opportunity to make money with Bitcoin - without any money and in a short space of time!

Find out more here BITCOIN


The Secret to Attracting Money


In this life-changing “abundance” program, bestselling author, self-made multimillionaire and The Secret co-star Dr. Joe Vitale shows you how to tap into the awesome force of the Law of Attraction, and focus it like a laser for one purpose — attracting more money into your life.










The Barefoot Investor

An easy read (or listen if you have Audible).   It's a Step by Step guide on how to save and manage what you currently earn / have.


You pick and choose what you want to do.  Scott Pape, the author has had money and lost money and is a down to earth bloke who wants to help you!



Rich Dad Poor Dad

Tells the story of Robert Kiyosaki, the author, growing up with 'two' dads each with a different perspective of money.

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